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Project Description
A web site targeted at the weight-loss community and weight loss stakeholders in health, dieting and related fields.

The WeightLossProject is a web site targeted at the weight-loss community and weight loss stakeholders in health, dieting and related fields.
Home page!
The website allows users to register their membership, create detailed profiles and upload their photos plus height and weight details before embarking on their weight loss journey. The website also helps users keep track of their weight loss journey providing an opportunity for them to post their before and after pictures at regular intervals including actions which they undertook to achieve their weight loss progress.

The website essentially helps users keep a journal of their weight-loss progress. This means that with every profile update, a record of the previous profile is retained within the database. An update to the user’s weight-loss journey will not over-write the previous update but will essentially be added onto their list of updates categorized by date.

Users are able to log-into the website to view the comprehensive weight-loss progress of other users, make comments on the weight-loss progress of other users and update their own progress levels including the upload of new sets of pictures and changes in their weight.

The program allows users to rate and like the profiles of other users on the basis of their weight-loss journeys. It will collect data about such ratings and provide a section that lists the most highly rated weight loss profiles. It also includes a section that lists the most active users, most recent comments and newest users or profiles.

User interaction is vital to encourage continued user activity and content creation. Through a commenting facility, users are able to engage in discussion about their weight loss journeys, discuss challenges and successes and provide feedback about various issues including diets and exercise plans.
Various utilities have been included in the website to allow the calculation of Body Mass Index (BMI), and updates on the most active users within specified periods of time. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) has been implemented in the website as well as a tagging facility for all content.

To further enhance user interest in the websites content, a section has been created to provide regular weight loss tips and weight-loss success stories. Depending on a user’s activity level, e.g. Number of updates to their profile or number of comments and ratings made, users will be given different user levels with the most active users being assigned higher rights once logged into the website.

Once logged into the website, users are able to customize the look and feel of their profile pages and communicate to other users. As a further development prospect, to maintain interest and enhance user contribution, regular emails will be sent with new updates and developments to all registered users.

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